Try These Fun Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Try These Fun Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on June 5, 2019 at 5:17 PM

If you find yourself cooking dinner every night, you might as well it a fun and memorable experience to share with your kids. Fun recipes for kids introduce them to new foods, engage them in the kitchen, and start them on the right path to healthy eating. Plus, cooking together gives you quality time with your little one and makes family meals a true cooperative effort.

To help you decide what fun food to make with your kids, we put together a list of some quick and delicious recipes. Now, grab your kids and have fun whipping up these fun recipes for kids to make.

Start the Morning Right with Breakfast Foods That are Fun to Make

If breakfast is usually a rushed morning affair, make a fun breakfast recipe for your kids instead.

For a family breakfast idea that never fails, take your typical pancakes up a notch with fun toppings. Use fruit, chocolate, melted nut butter or whipped cream on your pancakes to make funny faces with your kids.

Smoothie bowls are a healthy and fun food to make with your kids. Blend together your favorite smoothie ingredients and pour into a bowl. Then, make fun designs with your kids out of toppings like granola, coconut, or just use even more fruit to top your bowl. Click here for more smoothie bowl inspiration.

If you prefer a savory breakfast, let your kids help you whip up some mini quiches. This fun recipe for kids is endlessly customizable, so feel free to add the mix-ins your family prefers. One of our favorite combos is a classic: bacon and cheddar. Even your kids can customize their own, which means you don’t have to hear any complaining. That’s a win in the morning in its own right, if you ask us.

If you’re pushed for time in the morning but still want a fun food to make with kids, serve our Savory Egg & Cheese Omelette for breakfast, and spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. This protein-packed meal offers the well-balanced nutrition your little ones need to start the day, while all you need to do is reheat and serve!

Fun Recipes for Kids to Make Dinner

Making dinner night after night can quickly become boring. Take things in a new direction with fun recipes for kids they’ll enjoy making with you and that switch up the usual dinner routine.

Build pizzas with customizable toppings, and buy pre-made crust to make this quick family dinner idea even simpler. Or, just use our Traditional or Pepperoni Pizza Bagels, which are made with whole wheat bagels and come with healthy sides so the whole meal is taken care of – no cooking required.

Pasta is an easy and family-pleasing fun food to make, and can often be the foundation of delicious and healthy vegetarian meals for kids. Cheesy rotini or fettuccine alfredo served with a side salad will hit the spot with minimal effort. If you want to enjoy a more exotic pasta for adult palates, you can enjoy this special meal while serving your picky eater a wholesome, kid-friendly version like our Cheese Ravioli or Bowl of Yays.

Another fun thing to cook with kids is to mix together a quick filling for chicken pot pie like this one made with whole-wheat biscuits, and have your kids top it off with the biscuit dough. We have a version of this to take all of the work off of your shoulders, too. Our Homestyle Veggie Pocket is handheld (mess-free), full of veggies, and absolutely delicious.

Kids Dessert Recipes That Parents Love, Too

For time times when dessert feels necessary (so, all the time), be sure to make one of these fun recipes for kids that satisfies their sweet tooth – and yours, too.

If you love chocolate, grab your kids and whip up some chocolate-covered strawberries. This fun recipe for kids to make simply involves melting some chocolate chips with coconut oil. Then just get dipping! The hardest part about making this dish is waiting for the chocolate coating to set. If strawberries aren’t your thing, any fruit will work.

For a colorful dessert that doubles as a fun thing to cook with kids, make mini fruit pizzas. Just bake some sugar cookies, whip up some cream cheese frosting, and kick back while your kids top the pizzas with all of your family’s favorite fruits. Or, try this with a brownie base – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Protein Poppers are the perfect dessert idea if you’re looking to avoid a lot of sugar. These tasty bites are nut-free and high in protein and fiber. Best of all, the only requirement for this treat is to enjoy them.

Hopefully these fun recipes for kids will help make cooking more enjoyable and worthwhile. Be sure to check out more meals from Yumble if you’re ready to give yourself the gift of time and convenience at meal time without sacrificing healthy food for your family.

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