Summer Camp Lunch: Ideas for How to Pack and What to Make

Summer Camp Lunch: Ideas for How to Pack and What to Make

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on July 18, 2019 at 9:23 PM

While your kids are preparing for the fun of summer camp, you are probably preparing more practical things like what they will wear and what they will eat. Camp days are packed with activity, so your summer camp lunch ideas need to be healthy foods that your kid will eat!

Use these tips for how and what to pack in order to make summer camp menu planning a breeze.

Involve Your Child in Coming Up with Summer Camp Lunch Ideas

If the camp offers lunch, go over the menu with your child to see if there are any days that they would prefer to eat the meal provided instead of taking lunch. Then, plan lunch together for the rest of the week. Your little one might not have a lot of time to each lunch, so plan easy camp lunches that are also quick to eat.

Pack Summer Camp Food with Fun Shapes

Your kiddo will need healthy lunches for summer camp that keep them full of energy for those busy camp days. However, the hustle of camp might distract your child from wanting to eat the lunch you pack. Make the summer camp food you pack interesting by using cookie cutters to cut fun shapes.


A nut butter and jelly sandwich is great if you prefer to avoid the hassle of packing meat, or if you’re trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals for kids. If your kids are bored with PB&J, use a variety of cookie cutters to make DIY uncrustables. Click here for more ways to put a creative twist on PB&J.

Use shapes to make fruits and veggies more enticing

If your kids avoid the fruits or veggies you pack in their lunches for summer camp, try cutting them into fun shapes. Use small cookie cutters to cut cucumber into flowers, or carrots into stars. Do the same with fruits, like kiwi or melon. Cutting fruits and veggies this way also removes the skin, and makes them easier for little hands to eat.

Try Yumble’s twist on classic summer camp foods

Our Turkey Cheddar Pinwheel and Traditional Pizza Bagel are just a couple of examples of our summer camp lunch ideas that take a common kids’ meal and transform it in a new, fun way that your little one will love. Plus, you will love the nutrition they provide.

Choose an Appropriate Lunch Box

The right lunch box can make all the difference when you’re summer camp menu planning. “Bento style” lunch boxes are great because they help you portion and separate food. They also minimize eliminate the need to use several plastic food storage bags each day.

Pack Colorful Lunches for Summer Camp

The best way to plan summer meals for kids is to include a lot of color. Incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables of all colors in your summer camp lunch ideas to ensure a nutrient-packed menu. Don’t worry if your child only likes a few fruits and vegetables: Just offer as much variety in their lunches or summer camp as possible.

Mixed meals like pasta salad or our Bowl of Yays (a top rated meal) incorporate a lot of colorful veggies, without being too noticeable for picky eaters.

Add A Sweet Treat

Finish your child’s easy summer camp lunches with a sweet treat. The treat you choose may be a small piece of chocolate, or yogurt-covered raisins. This is also a chance to sneak in a little more nutrition. Our Protein Poppers will satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth, while packing more protein and fiber.

Kids can take their favorite Yumble meals to camp, too. All of our meals are delivered right to your door, can be eaten hot or cold, and are perfectly portioned to give your little ones a filling and nutritious lunch. Simply pick the plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble will take care of the rest! No cooking required!

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