School meals make up a large amount of a child’s nutrition during the day. It’s important to serve healthy meals, while making sure those meals actually appeal to as many kids as possible. However, this is usually much easier said than done.

We’re also passionate about the materials we use to package and ship meals. Our shipping containers are made with 100% post-consumer content and they are 100% recyclable. Our meal trays are made with BPA-FREE plastic, and they are also 100% recyclable.

Prioritizing nutrition and quality in your school’s meals will have a big impact on kids. When kids are full and satisfied, it’s easier for them to focus and learn. When they eat healthy meals at school, they learn lifelong healthy eating habits.

If you’re considering a school lunch delivery program to revamp your kids’ meals, look no further. Yumble has already helped thousands of customers provide their children with easy, healthy meals. Think of what Yumble daycare food delivery could do at your school!

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A food delivery service for daycares and schools can improve the quality of your school lunch program and eliminate waste. Yumble understands the importance of healthy school meals, and is now offering school and childcare catering! Yumble meals offer plenty of variety and require very little time to prepare and serve. Plus, it’s no secret that they’re kid-approved!

Other daycare food delivery services companies tend to rely on processed foods with a lot of sugar, salt, and fat. However, kids need wholesome, nutritious meals to grow and learn best. Yumble meals check all the boxes, without a lot of the “other” stuff!

One of the big reasons that administrators and daycare providers feel intimidated about using a school or daycare food delivery service is the logistics. They fear the extra work and possible headaches that come with bringing in an outside company for childcare catering.

Food delivery to schools and daycares doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some of the ways we make the process simple, from start to finish:

We make it affordable!

We offer bulk pricing for school or daycare food delivery starting at 30 meals per week – that’s only 6 meals per day! Parents who order meals as a group may qualify for bulk pricing as well.

We’re happy to handle all of the time-consuming details involved in a school lunch delivery program

We’ll send weekly email and text reminders to families and we handle payment processing. There is no management responsibility for the school to worry about.

Easy preparation and cleanup

When the meals arrive, they come ready-to-eat in a refrigerated box. Our meals only need 60-90 seconds in the microwave to heat. No other big equipment required. Then, we encourage parents to transport the heated meals in an insulated box or lunch bag for delivery to schools.

When the kids are finished, just recycle the food trays! No extra cleanup necessary.

A daycare catering company that eliminates waste

Yumble’s school food delivery service will have a huge impact on waste. We know that kids have specific tastes and we keep that in mind when we formulate our menu. When you start serving meals that kids love, you’ll no longer need to stress about waste at your school.

Yes, it really is as easy as it sounds!

Interested in our food delivery service for daycares and schools? Contact Yumble at We’re looking forward to helping you get started!