Our Finger Food Ravioli Will Let Your Kids Have Fun With Their Food

What's New? Our Finger Food Flower Ravioli Design Will Let Your Picky Eaters Have Fun With Their Food

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on May 25, 2021 at 1:18 PM

No matter how picky your kid is, there is one food that is nearly always a winner on the plate: noodles. Soft, warm, and buttery noodles are a perfect comfort food, even for kiddos. So ravioli, stuffed with creamy, cheesy, goodness is a no brainer for picky eaters, or any eater. Finding healthy foods for kids, especially when you have a picky eater can be tough. Our flower shaped ravioli doesn’t just look cute, it’s packed with nutrients you’ll feel good about.

Focus on the positive

With picky eating kids, it can be easy to focus on what they don’t like. It can feel difficult to find healthy food for picky eaters. Instead, focus on what they do like. Foods that your child will eat almost anytime, are like a safety blanket to them. Serve a safe or familiar food at each meal and especially when introducing a new food. Try a no pressure approach to new (or old) foods. Let your child decide textures and flavors they may or may not like. Let them listen to their hunger and fullness cues, too. Just having a new food on the plate counts as an exposure to a food. Touching the food, smelling it, and tasting it all count, too. It can take 15-20 exposures before a child accepts a food.

Finger lickin’ fun

Most kids' ravioli are packed with sodium and come drenched in salty sauces. Would you believe those high sodium sauces also pack added sugars, too? Instead of serving up traditional kids packaged pasta, our ravioli are made with durum pasta flour, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. This healthy ravioli is shaped like daisies for a fun twist on the original stuffed pasta. We skipped the sauce, too. We heard parents asking for kid friendly, healthy ravioli without sauce. These plain daisy ravioli are the perfect finger food for picky eaters to eat plain, with butter, or the sauce of their choice. Looking for more fun finger foods ready in a snap? Try these fun french toast bites or snack poppers!

Don’t forget to eat your veggies

Our organic broccoli is the perfect side to daisy shaped ravioli. It’s packed with vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K, antioxidants, and fiber. Broccoli is a great starter veggie for kiddos. It has a fun texture on the top and a chunky, crunchy bottom. Plus, they look like little trees. Have your kiddo pretend they are a giant in a field of daisies and trees. How many can they gobble up?

Bump it up

Ravioli and broccoli are a great starting point for a quick, nutritious meal. If you want to add more protein or other food groups- go for it! Looking for fun protein ideas? Try white beans, fish sticks, or chicken strips. You can also get protein from foods like milk and cheese. For fruit, you can add strawberries, apple sauce, raisins, frozen blueberries, or your kiddos favorite! More food groups are more fun!

If you’re feeding a picky eater, it can be hard to make meals they’ll eat, day after day. That’s why Yumble’s meals are the perfect solution. They focus on picky eater pleasing foods and textures to help little ones get the nutrients they need, in ways they find appealing. A kid’s meal delivery service, Yumble is the children’s healthy meal planner that does the hard work for you. We deliver fresh, delicious, fully prepared kids’ meals right to your door. Pick a plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble takes care of the rest. No cooking required! Ready to save time & serve nutritious meals? Visit https://yumblekids.com/

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