Picking Healthy Fats: 5 Options to Keep Your Toddler Full and Healthy

Picking Healthy Fats: 5 Options to Keep Your Toddler Full and Healthy

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on March 11, 2020 at 10:55 AM

In the past, fat was considered the villain of a healthy diet. However, we now know that certain types of fat are actually very healthy! Some types of fat – like mono and polyunsaturated fats – are healthy for many parts of the body, including the heart and brain.

Healthy fats for toddlers are especially important. These fats help with growth and development, which is happening a lot at this age!

If you’re not sure what kinds of food fats for little ones to include in healthy toddler meals, keep reading! Here are 5 easy options that you can start incorporating now.

Eggs are loaded with healthy fats for kids

Eggs are healthy and delicious any time of day! Eggs are well-known sources of protein, dishing up 6 grams each. But did you know they’re packed with healthy fats for toddlers, too? It’s true!

Egg yolks provide plenty of fat that will keep your little one full, especially combined with protein! Eggs are packed with other nutrition, too, containing almost all of the vitamins we need.

For a great family breakfast idea, try serving up Meal. This dish comes packed with 19 grams of good fat for kids, along with 21 grams of protein to keep them feeling full longer.

Avocados are super filling and healthy

Avocado is another nutrient-dense source of healthy fats for kids. Eating just one third of an avocado provides 8 grams of fat, which is mostly heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Avocados are also a great source of fiber for kids!

If you’re not sure how to serve avocado to your toddler, try mashing it with a little salt and pepper and spreading it on some toast. Or, use avocado in place of mayonnaise next time you make chicken or egg salad. Of course, classic guacamole is a yummy option, too.

Fish is packed with good fats for kids

Another way to add healthy fats into your child’s diet is to add fish into your family meal plan. Fish like salmon, trout, and tuna is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids. This is a healthy fat for toddlers that helps with brain development and heart health. In fact, many of us struggle to get enough omega-3s in the diet.

Even if your little one doesn’t love fish, it’s easy to incorporate more omega-3s into the diet using nuts and seeds. Nut butter, flax seed, chia seed and walnuts are all great sources of omega-3s. Our Snack Poppers are packed with flax seeds, sunflower seed butter, and shredded coconut for a mix of healthy fats for kids. The flax seed plus sunflower butter makes this snack super yummy and filling.

Healthy fats for toddlers at snack time

Snack time is a great time to incorporate good fats for toddlers. First, a little extra fat can really help if you have a constant snacker between meals. The extra fat will help your little one stay full and satisfied, and out of the kitchen until mealtime.

It’s super easy to add healthy fats to snacks. Nut or seed butter is a great source of healthy fats. Plus, it’s a food that most kids already love!

Another creative snack idea for kids is to add ground flax seed to snack time favorites like smoothies, baked goods, or yogurt. Flax seed is a great source of healthy fats for toddlers.

Serving healthy fats for toddlers can be easy, even if you have a picky eater! Speaking of picky eaters, check out our new picky eater quiz to see where your little one ranks on the picky eating scale!

Dairy is a classic source of good fats

Parents know that milk is a toddler diet staple because calcium is important for strong bones. However, fat is another reason why milk is so healthy for toddlers.

Some pediatricians recommend that toddlers switch to low-fat milk after they turn two years old. Some studies, however, suggest that toddlers who continue drinking whole milk had a lower body mass index (BMI). Drinking whole milk also helps kids meet their needs for vitamin D, a nutrient that many of us are deficient in.

Other dairy sources of good fats for kids include cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt.

Serve up some healthy fats for toddlers with Yumble

At Yumble, we know growing bodies need plenty of healthy fats. Our meals have just the right amount of fat to provide your kids with a nutritious and filling meal. A couple of our current faves include the Mac N’ Cheese & Nuggets Please (complete with veggie-packed mac n’ cheese) and the Chicken Pops (a classic!).

Looking for an easy way to feed your kids wholesome meals that pack the right fats, protein, and carbs? Yumble delivers fresh, delicious, fully prepared kids’ meals that are nutritionist-approved to ensure you’re serving only healthy fats to your toddlers. Get started by picking the plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble will take care of the rest! No cooking required!

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