Kids Meal Kits Delivery for Picky Eaters

Toddler Opening a Yumble Kids Meals Box
Toddler Opening a Yumble Kids Meals Box

If meal planning was up to grade schoolers every day, it’s safe to say they would eat the same handful of meals, on repeat, forever. At this age (around 5 - 12 years old), kids don’t put much thought into variety at mealtime. That means it's up to parents to encourage healthy, balanced meals. That’s often easier said than done. For many parents, busy schedules throw a wrench making a healthy meal plan for kids.

So, meal kits to the rescue! Many types of meal kits – which can be delivered right to your door – are becoming widely popular among families. Meals arrive ready to eat, or require only a few minutes of preparation. And at Yumble, our meal kits are healthy and offer plenty of variety, too. Families everywhere are jumping at this opportunity to save time and stress less over meal planning. However, parents with picky eaters may hesitate to go this route. Use this guide to sift through the many available options and choose the best meal kits for picky eaters.

Yumble Whole Grains Kids Meals

Whole Grains

Whole grains like brown rice, oats, quinoa, corn, or whole-wheat bread offer plenty of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and even protein.

Dairy and fruit are important food groups that may be more difficult to find in a meal kit delivery for picky eaters. You can easily serve fruit as a snack between meals, and a glass of milk with meals if these foods are missing in your meal kit.

Yumble Fruits and Vegetables Kids Meals


Variety is key! Your meal kit should include a healthy portion (at least ¼ of the plate) of veggies of all different colors!

Yumble Fish and Meat Kids Meals


If your little one isn’t a huge fan of meat, choose a meal kit for picky eaters that offers vegetarian foods for kids like beans and lentils. Plant-based protein foods also pack fiber, which is great if your kids struggle with veggies.