Homeschool lessons you can teach your kid in the kitchen

Homeschool Lessons You Can Teach Your Kid in the Kitchen

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on May 25, 2021 at 1:18 PM

Homeschooling (or online schooling) gives your child the freedom to learn their own way. For most people, that means hands-on experiential learning. What better place to have hands-on learning experiences than the kitchen? It’s not difficult to turn your kitchen into a learning kitchen. We’ve gathered some tips to get you started on leading your own homeschool kids cooking classes.

Why get kids in the kitchen?

Research shows that kids who help prepare meals and are involved in cooking are more likely to try different foods and enjoy healthy foods throughout their lives. No matter what you’re cooking up you can teach your child what that food does for their body. New at nutrition? Check out some government-backed evidence-based resources to help you understand and explain basic nutrition to your child. Healthy foods for kids don’t have to be boring! You can find delicious, fun, nutrient packed recipes kids love, such as pizza pockets, pasta bakes, and scrambled eggs.

  1. Healthy meals start with hygiene

    Before beginning any lesson in the kitchen, make sure everyone knows to tie back long hair, take off loose jewelry, and change clothes if anything is long and flowy. Be sure no strings, ties, etc. can get caught in equipment or catch fire. Then, show kids how to wash their hands well. There are plenty of great handwashing videos out there to make it fun. Food safety is just as important as personal hygiene. To avoid foodborne illness, be sure to practice good food safety.

  2. Get the right gear

    Make sure you have all the equipment you need before you get started. Mixing bowls, measuring spoons, and utensils are just a few items you may want to have on hand. Did you know cutting with a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharpened knife? You may need to exert more force to cut through the food, making a dull knife more likely to slip and cut you. Grab some new knives, or get your old knives sharpened, before you start.

  3. Find recipes that work for you

    Before you begin, think about your child, their age, and their abilities. If they are very young, try stirring, mixing, mashing, or rolling. If your kiddos are older, pick out recipes together. If you have family favorites, like sweet and sour meatballs, try finding a recipe or making up your own to create similar flavors. Snack balls, like Yumble’s Snack Poppers, can be a simple way to get kids used to mixing. When forming the balls with their hands, they have a fun sensory experience, too!

  4. Find the curriculum niche

    Next, figure out how to make the recipe match your curriculum needs. Plenty of cooking class curricula are available online, some are even free! Cooking in the kitchen can be:

    • Math: budgeting a shopping list, fractions, doubling or halving a recipe;
    • Reading: site words like “bake”, “stir”, “mix”, and “roll”;
    • Language and vocabulary: sautee, braise;
    • Science: chemical reactions in baking, the power of baking powder and soda, and enzymatic browning.

    If you’re using a cultural recipe, you can learn about other cultures, the kitchen tools they use, their history, and traditions.

  5. Feed their soul

    Healthy foods for your kids lunchbox are limitless but sometimes, ideas aren’t. Ask your kids what foods they think are healthy and have them think of new ways to work them into their lunches. Letting them pick the menu, help shop for ingredients, prepare the meal, even clean up the dishes, gives kids pride in their abilities, a sense of contributing to the family, and intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices.

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