How to build healthy eating habits in kids

How to build healthy eating habits in kids

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on Sep 9, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Eating is something we all do, from the moment we are born we are creating a relationship with food. Food is a necessary part of life and it can be much more. It can be joyful, celebratory, and filled with emotion. Developing a healthy relationship with food and healthy eating habits for kids can inspire a healthy relationship with eating that lasts a lifetime.

Be a role model

Not everyone’s relationship with food is easy and joyful. However, even if you struggle, you can model healthier eating habits for your child. You are your child's first teacher, and they will absorb and mimic what you do. Show them health is important by making your health and relationship with food a priority.

  • Be sure to drink water in front of your child
  • Strive to have fruit and vegetables at every meal
  • Try new foods in front of your child
  • Be polite. Don’t yuck your child’s yum and ask them to do the same!

Get everyone involved

Kids, especially toddlers, love to have control. So give them a bit of control and let them help pick out and plan meals. For example, “Tonight we are having meatloaf, should we have peas or carrots with dinner?” Giving your child a choice, gives them a sense of control and helps them contribute to the family.

  • When planning out lunches for the week, take children’s eating habits into account and ask your child what sounds good to them.
  • Busy week ahead? Let them pick out meals from Yumble. They’ll be thrilled with fun shapes and familiar flavors. You’ll love the way the meals encourage healthy habits, like always having a veggie on the side!

Make healthy habits for everyone

Food is for everyone, so healthy eating habits are for everyone, too! Try making simple swaps to form healthier eating habits and get more nutrients in your day.

  • Try using greek yogurt instead of sour cream for more calcium and less saturated fat
  • Use hummus instead of ranch dips for more fiber and protein
  • Make fruit for dessert a routine
  • Fill water bottles each morning to stay hydrated and avoid added sugars from sodas and soft drinks

No pressure

Just like you, kids need to listen to their bodies. You can model this behavior by stopping eating when you’re feeling full. Avoid pushing for “two more bites” or a clean plate. Give kids the same food as the rest of the family, while always including a “safe” food; a food you know they’ll eat. Let them decide how much and when to eat each food. Creating healthy eating habits for children can even be fun when you do it as a family. Children’s eating habits vary as they age, so give them room to try, refuse, reject, and return to the healthy foods they were introduced to.

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