Chicken Mac 'N Cheese Is The Perfect Gluten Free Meal For Your Child

How Our Chicken Mac 'N Cheese Is The Perfect Gluten Free Meal For Your Little One

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on May 25, 2021 at 1:18 PM

No matter how picky your kid is, there is one food that is nearly always a winner on the plate: macaroni and cheese. Mac and cheese is soft, warm, salty, creamy, and cheesy. It is no wonder that even adults love it. Finding healthy foods for kids, especially mac and cheese can be tough. Finding a delicious gluten free mac and cheese can be even tougher. We’ve made the search easy. See why our Chicken Mac ‘N’ Cheese is the healthier choice for your kids.

Working with the restriction

If you’re feeding a gluten free child, you know the struggle to find foods that are fun yet nutritious. It can be hard to fill the nutrient gaps sometimes. Choosing foods from all food groups and nutritious meals and snacks, can help your little one love their gluten free food and grow up healthy! If you’re new to gluten free food, check out these tips on understanding gluten free food labels.

Mac and Cheese and Protein, please!

Most macaroni and cheeses are missing something major: protein. Whether it’s from a box, freezer, fresh bought, or homemade, macaroni and cheese is often filled with white flour pasta and a salty, rich cream sauce. This can leave kids (and adults) feeling full for a short burst of time only to have their energy plummet later on. Using a whole grain noodle, like one made with brown rice flour, can help you stay feeling fuller longer. Even better, add a protein like we did in our Chicken Mac’ N Cheese. Protein foods, like our young chickpeas and organic chicken, help food digest more slowly making you feel fuller longer.

Don’t forget to eat your veggies

In addition to being low in protein, traditional macaroni and cheese is often served without any added vegetables. Our Gluten Free Chicken Mac and Cheese is perfect because we incorporated creamy cauliflower into our cheese sauce. It’s so smooth and tasty your little one won’t notice. But don’t think we just stick to sneaky veggies here- we have tasty corn and young chickpeas on the side. With each bite your little one is getting a protein, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates for energy!

Bump it up

Looking to add even more to this already nutritious meal? Try adding some quick and easy fruit to the side. You can add apple slices, grapes, raisins, frozen blueberries, or your kiddos favorite! Then, have your little one count the food groups - Grains? Check! Protein? Check! Vegetable? Check! Dairy/calcium rich food? Check! Fruit? Check! You’ve got all five food groups! High five for that super meal!

Looking for other gluten free kids meals that are ready in a snap?

Gluten Free Chicken Mac and Cheese is a cinch when you’re looking for healthy meals for kids' lunchboxes. Just toss it in the microwave to heat and enjoy. If you’re looking for other quick, healthy, and delicious gluten free kids meals, check out the other options on our weekly menu planner! Try the super tasty Maple Bacon and Eggs kids breakfast bowl. It’s packed with protein and fiber with a delicious sweet and savory flavor you’re (whoops, we mean you’re kids) are sure to love. Snack poppers make the perfect snack that gives kids just enough energy to make it to dinner time. With these little balls you aren’t just serving a snack, you’re serving smiles! They are packed with protein and fiber, keeping them fuller longer without added “junk” that can be in some snack foods. From breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner Yumble has your healthy, tasty, gluten free kids meals covered!

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