A Healthy Kids Frozen Meal Plan

Our nutritionist-approved kids frozen meals are the alternatives your kids will love with the nutritional profile that will make sure they get what they need.

Toddler Opening a Yumble Kids Meals Box
Toddler Opening a Yumble Kids Meals Box

There are a lot of reasons why parents keep frozen meals on hand. First, having a grade schooler at home usually means your schedule is going to pick up in a big way with activities, sports, and homework. Easy, quick meals become a parent’s lifeline on those busy days. Grade schoolers are also pretty opinionated. So, it’s usually easier to keep their favorite meals in the freezer to avoid any stress at meal time.

How do frozen meals fit into a healthy meal plan for kids? If the frozen foods your kids love are convenient yet questionable, here are some tips to help you choose the best alternatives to those kids frozen meals that you can feel good about serving and that they’ll still love.

The amount of food your grade schooler eats depends on factors like his or her age and activity level. It’s best to let your kids stay in control of how much they eat at mealtime as much as possible, as they’re still pretty intuitive with their appetite. Some days your kids might eat a lot, and some days they may not seem hungry at all.

However, the portions of food in frozen meals are sometimes misleading. Frozen meals often include calorie-dense flavor enhancers like butter, cheese or heavy sauces. These additions help cover any not-so-fresh flavors and dryness that comes with microwaving any food. They also pack on calories, meaning the meal could be high in calories even if the portions seem small.

If a frozen meal isn’t very filling, you may find your kids snacking later on. If it becomes a habit, this could cause your kids to overeat too frequently. This is where selecting the right kids frozen meals is essential. A good option has both the correct portion sizes and is balanced nutritionally.

A balanced diet plays a role in your child’s development

School-age kids are rapidly developing, and they need a nutritious diet to support all that growing!

Frozen meals for kids don’t commonly provide a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, these meals are often packed with saturated fat and sugar, which add a lot of empty calories and no nutrition. Eating these foods makes it very easy to eat too many calories, which eventually may lead to obesity

A lot of sodium, or salt, is also added to many frozen meals. Eating a lot of high-sodium foods causes high blood pressure. According to the CDC, 90% of kids 18 years and up eat too much sodium. A high-sodium diet can cause high blood pressure later in life.

Check the label on your kids favorite frozen meals to make sure they are low in saturated fat, sugar, and sodium. You can also add a fresh fruit or veggie side to a frozen meal to make sure your kids are getting the nutrition they need.

Frozen meals may leave out important food groups

Kids frozen meals are marketed towards – you guessed it – kids! Often, they contain foods that appeal to children, complete with a sweet treat and no veggie in sight. Even if a kids frozen meal does feature a veggie, it’s probably far from fresh. That means it’s going to be mushy and dull and your kids are probably going to skip it. There are options, however, that only use the freshest ingredients and present the healthy stuff on the plate in a way that gets kids to eat their vegetables with no fuss.

While many food groups in frozen meals are a little backwards (small fruit and vegetable portions and too-large protein portions), there are kids frozen meals that emphasize nutrition. This means carefully reading the labels and looking past the appealing packaging to ensure you’re giving your little one a well-balanced meal. The convenience of frozen meals doesn’t mean sacrificing nutrition, and there are plenty of options available that are healthy, delicious, and as easy to make as any other frozen kids meal out there.

If your little one is always asking for frozen nuggets or mac and cheese, don’t worry! It’s normal for kids to go through stages where they eat the same handful of foods over and over. To help you determine if you’ve got a real fussy eater on your hands, check out this picky eater quiz. You can’t force them to eat more variety, but you can give them a healthier version of their favorite foods while also encouraging new ones!

In order to get your kids to eat healthier foods, start with small changes, like grilling your own chicken nuggets, or serving the same nuggets with a vegetable on their plate every time. It may seem futile at first, but eventually your little one will try the new food, and they might even like it!

The convenience of frozen meals may be hard for you to pass up. Instead, try preparing some quick, healthy lunchables for kids!

Yumble meals are the nutritionist-approved and convenient alternatives to kids frozen meals!

Yumble can help you easily phase out your kids’ unhealthy frozen meals. The menu is full of kid favorites that parents and nutritionists love too. Yumble meals have less sodium and more vitamin and mineral-packed veggies. Most importantly, they are fresh and so delicious, your kids will forget all about those frozen meals.

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