Can Toddlers Eat Cheese Ravioli? The best finger foods for toddlers

Can Toddlers Eat Cheese Ravioli? The best finger foods for toddlers

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on Oct 19, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Noodles are a great finger food for toddlers and kiddos. Everyone loves pasta texture, taste, and the variety of sauces you can top it with. Cheese ravioli is no exception, and it’s perfect little square shape makes it a cinch for pincer grasp practice, too!

It’s hip to be square.

Little ones love to do things for themselves, including feeding themselves. When kids have the ability to feed themselves, it allows them to truly listen to their body, including hunger and fullness cues. Kids ravioli is a perfect food for learning and exploring all the senses that go along with food. They can explore touch with a smooth noodle, smell of cooked pasta, the taste and texture of the cheese ravioli and the visual appeal of tasty kids cheese ravioli and tomato sauce.

Not every noodle has the “pick up” ability of ravioli. Traditionally a square shaped pasta, filled with meat or cheese, the ravioli noodle is easy to eat with a fork or fingers. For little ones using fingers, ravioli is great practice for the pincer grasp, or two finger (thumb and forefinger) grasp. Mastering a pincer grasp is a developmental milestone! But you don’t have to stop at square, filled noodles, to make dinner fun. Ravioli can come in many shapes, including daisy shaped!

The sauce is the boss.

Kids cheese ravioli and tomato sauce is an iconic duo. The comforting texture of pasta, the sweet yet savory cheese filling and the sweet, bright tomato sauce is a kid favorite. Cheese ravioli and tomato sauce is a great way to introduce a variety of vegetable flavors, too. Tomato sauce can have subtle hints of onion and garlic, sweetness from carrot, and maybe even some spinach. Sauces can be thin and strictly tomato, like a marinara. To make a healthy ravioli, Yumble has added lentils and butternut squash to our smooth marinara sauce. This helps your kiddo get extra protein, fiber, and folate they might be missing out on with traditional marinara sauces. Or they can be filling and hearty like a bolognese. Our bolognese is packed with veggies and ground beef that is never given antibiotics. If your kiddo loves noodles, cheese ravioli is a great way to introduce different flavors and textures of sauces.

Picky eater approved.

If your little one is selective about what they eat, kids ravioli can be an easy win for picky eaters. Try serving ravioli sauceless, or with sauce on the side so your kiddo can decide how much sauce they want. Served with a meatball, plain cheese ravioli can be an energy boost to a protein rich meal.

Yumble, a kids meal delivery service, makes dinner happen, fast! Yumble is ready to heat and eat, whenever you are. No boiling pots of water, no pots of cheese ravioli and tomato sauce splashing and staining the kitchen. Just a delicious, nutritious meal your toddler can pick up and enjoy. With hidden veggies, whole grains, and other wholesome ingredients you’ll love what your kids are eating, and so will they! It’s the perfect solution to busy days.

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