Cooking Tips We Can Still Learn from Mom

Cooking Tips We Can Still Learn from Mom

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on May 27, 2019 at 04:58 PM

Moms really can do it all. However, it takes years of practice to perfect skills like cooking, cleaning, and managing a hectic family schedule (usually all at the same time).

Luckily, moms are also known for giving great advice, even after their kids are grown. We gathered some of the best cooking advice for new moms, straight from moms themselves who have perfected the skill of quick and easy family dinners and other meals. Let’s get cooking!

Read the entire recipe before you cook

Have you ever started a recipe without realizing you were supposed to marinate something overnight first or that you needed to preheat your oven? We’ve all been there.

A piece of cooking advice for those who are new to cooking is to read the recipe before getting started. Familiarizing yourself with a recipe will save you time and help you avoid mistakes.

Practice the French method of “mise en place”

There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have enough of an ingredient halfway through preparing a recipe. Avoid this frustration by putting into a practice one of the best pieces of cooking advice: measure and prep all of your ingredients before you start cooking. Chefs follow this same cooking advice and call this technique “mise en place” (‘set up’ in French). This cooking advice is also the ultimate time-saver as it can be done ahead of time.

Taste and season as you go

This cooking advice is essential for new moms and veterans alike and will guarantee that your dish has perfect flavor. Seasoning as you cook gives the food a chance to absorb the flavor, whereas only seasoning at the end results in salt and pepper just kind of sitting on top of your food. Also remember to taste the food before you serve, and adjust seasoning as needed.

For a list of basic spices to keep in your kitchen, click here.

Use in-season produce

Using fresh produce is a great piece of cooking advice for new moms who are struggling to get fruits and vegetables on their kids’ plates. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresh and more flavorful than produce purchased out of season, and usually cost less. Plus, these super-fresh veggies are the foundation of healthy yet delicious vegetarian meals for kids. To see what’s in season now, click here.

To reap the benefits of seasonal produce even when your schedule doesn’t allow much time in the kitchen, give your family our Traditional Pizza Bagel (served with carrots and a protein popper) or Homestyle Chicken Meatballs (served with peas and mashed potatoes).

Use fresh herbs

Keep basic, fresh herbs like basil and parsley in your kitchen. Chopping up some fresh herbs to use in place of dried herbs is the best cooking advice if you’re looking to really enhance the flavor of your meals. Fresh herbs look pretty, too, which means they could double as a Mother’s Day gift idea.

Avoid crowding the pan

This final piece of cooking advice plays an important role in the taste and texture of your food. If you’re roasting food on a sheet pan, or cooking anything on a skillet on the stove, be careful not to crowd the pan. When a pan is too crowded, the heat doesn’t circulate and the food steams, rather than roast. This cooking advice will help your food cook more evenly, and obtain a perfectly crispy texture.

Start putting cooking advice into practice

It’s no secret that moms have the best cooking advice. Hopefully these tips help you feel more confident in the kitchen.

However, if you’re not ready or just don’t have time to cook on a daily basis, consider supplementing your family’s meals with options from Yumble. Our meals are healthy and fresh, making them perfect for filling in the mealtime gaps when life gets busy. Check out our menu here.

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