Brighten Up Family Breakfast With 5 Ideas That Kids (and Moms) Love

Brighten Up Family Breakfast With 5 Ideas That Kids (and Moms) Love

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on April 21, 2019 at 9:12 PM

It’s nice to cozy up to a warm bowl of oatmeal or breakfast casserole with the family during the winter. Now that warmer weather is here, you and your little ones might be ready for something lighter in the morning. Celebrate the arrival of spring and refresh your morning menu with these light breakfast ideas the whole family will enjoy.

Hot and Cold Cereal Family Breakfast Ideas

Transform your typical bowl of oatmeal into an easy, healthy breakfast idea for kids. Top your kids’ oatmeal with a mix of fresh berries to add a pop of fresh flavor. Or, try serving chilled overnight oats for a cool, new alternative to traditional oatmeal.

Maybe your little ones aren’t ready to switch from their favorite kids cereals yet. Instead of continuing to let them indulge in high-sugar cereals with low nutritional value, try these family breakfast ideas instead for an update to their favorites. Look for a cereal that is low in sugar (we recommend less than 12g per serving), and high in fiber (at least 5g per serving is great). Serve with fresh fruit to make a balanced, healthy breakfast for kids.

Blend Up a Healthy Breakfast for Kids

We can’t think of a more refreshing and easy breakfast idea for kids than smoothies. Ingredients for a nutritious smoothie can be as simple as frozen fruit blended with Greek yogurt. Or, take this healthy breakfast for kids to the next level and blend in some veggies, like spinach or beets. If your kids struggle to eat the recommended number of vegetable servings per day (1 ½ to 2 ½ cups for kids ages 4-13), get them in with a smoothie.

We’re also loving the smoothie bowl trend as a family breakfast idea. Swap your kids’ straw for a spoon, and pour their smoothie into a bowl. Then, top with a combination of granola, fruit, coconut, nuts, and seeds. For more smoothie bowl inspiration, click here.

Wholesome Family Breakfast Ideas with Eggs

If your family loves eggs for breakfast, here’s an easy breakfast idea for kids that may pickier when it comes to eating their greens: incorporate fresh veggies. Mix in some chopped spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, or whatever you have on hand. To save time, we love making mini quiches using a muffin tin. By making them ahead and refrigerating or freezing them, this easy family breakfast idea is ready to go for busy mornings.

If you have a finicky eater, our Egg-Celent Choice is another protein-packed, healthy breakfast for kids that can be ready to go in minutes. Served with our homemade crispy hash browns, this balanced breakfast will fuel your kids for the day.

Use Fruit for Light Breakfast Ideas for Kids with a Sweet Tooth

Is your little one always asking for waffles or pancakes for breakfast? We can’t blame them!

Prepare a healthy breakfast for your kids and satisfy their sweet tooth using fresh fruit. Instead of topping pancakes with sugary syrup, make your own blueberry sauce like this one, with no added sugar.

Instead of French toast, spread cottage cheese or Greek yogurt on whole wheat toast and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. The cottage cheese or yogurt are great sources of protein, and whole toast bread is rich in fiber. Of course, we recommend topping this easy breakfast idea for kids with fresh fruit.

Cool Breakfast Ideas With Yogurt That the Whole Family Can Love

Serve a yogurt parfait for breakfast, and your kids might mistake this healthy breakfast for kids as dessert. We recommend using low-sugar (less than 12g per serving) Greek yogurt because it is packed with protein. Then, let your kids build their parfait using fresh fruit and granola. We love using vitamin C-rich berries, mangoes, pomegranate, or kiwi for this fun and light breakfast idea.

All of these family breakfast ideas are versatile, without taking up too much time on busy mornings. These should help brighten your family’s breakfast and celebrate the arrival of spring!

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