Strategies for cooking when there's no time at home

The Best Strategies to Help You Cook Dinner When There's No Time to Spare

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on March 13, 2019 at 05:11 PM

Packed schedules and meals on the fly can become the norm as your family grows. It seems like there is no way around it.

However, there are ways to provide your family with healthy meals, even when you’re pressed for time. Whether it’s meal planning for working moms or finding ways to provide filling meals between kids’ activities, here are our best strategies to cook quick, healthy meals for families.

Try these tips for family meal planning

Starting the week with a meal plan is a great way to fit quick, healthy meals for families into a busy schedule. To get started, create a meal plan that accommodates your family’s weekly routine. Try using a template like this one to stay organized.

Once meal planning becomes a habit, you can cycle through menus that your family loves. Include quick family meals that are easily adaptable (like burrito bowls or chili) so your family doesn’t get sick of their favorites.

Our Cheeseburger Pocket is a great idea to add to the quick family meal rotation. The ground beef is slowly simmered in our homemade blend of spices and cheddar cheese, and served with the creamiest mashed potatoes for an accessible yet nutritious (19 grams of protein in every serving!) dinner. This fun twist on a classic family favorite is perfect for busy families on-the-go.

Preparing ingredients allows quick family meals to come together faster

Meal planning for working moms and dads should be stress-free. Instead of trying to prepare a meal from start to finish on a weeknight or after a long day at work, try to get some tasks out of the way once you know what you will be eating that week.

You will thank yourself later if you take a few minutes over the weekend to prepare food to use for quick family meals later in the week. Wash and cut produce, or cook and shred chicken to use in salads or tacos on a busy week night. Completing these small tasks ahead of time can add up to a lot of time saved later.

Take meal preparation a step further with the help of your freezer. Freeze leftover breads, tortillas, sauces, and pasta to use later. Use time wisely while you’re already cooking, and try doubling your favorite recipes to freeze extra portions for a quick family meal on a busy night.

Soups and casseroles are perfect for this! A freezer stocked with frozen veggies, rice, and beans to use as side dishes is another easy way to make quick, healthy meals for families.

Make quick, healthy meals for families using those smaller appliances

If you have a small appliance like a slow cooker or pressure cooker that is collecting dust, it’s time to put it to use. These devices not only cut down on cooking time, but many of them are also hands-free. That means you can check other tasks off of your to-do list while you prepare a quick family meal.

Slow cookers can do the cooking while everyone is at work or school. This makes them a great tool when it comes to meal planning for working moms and others with no time to spare. Simply turn it on when you leave the house in the morning, and you can pull together a quick, healthy family meal when you get home in the evening.

Sometimes the best tip for family meal planning is to learn how to love leftover

Leftovers may not sound like the most appealing prospect to some. However, leftovers usually require little or no time to prepare, which is perfect for days when your schedule is jam-packed.

Not only will this save your family time, but it will also decrease the amount of food wasted. A recent study found that a quarter of food intended for human consumption is simply wasted, with half of that waste happening at home. Finding creative ways to use leftovers in quick family meals will prevent waste, while saving time and money.

If your family isn’t interested in eating the same meal twice, there are many ways to repurpose leftovers into a new, quick family meal that tastes great. For example, after serving grilled chicken as an entree one night, shred the leftovers and serve on a salad, panini, or a whole-wheat pizza another night. Adding leftover vegetables to a soup or casserole is another idea to make a tasty, quick, and healthy meal for families from repurposed ingredients.

Let us do the cooking

A meal delivery service like Yumble Kids is growing in popularity as family schedules become more difficult. Our goal is to make it possible for even the busiest parent to make quick, healthy meals for families.

Incorporating wholesome, ready-to-eat meals is a lifesaver on days when there is simply no time to spare for cooking. Serve our Yes Please Mac and Cheese on a busy night, and rest easy knowing your child is getting calcium, vitamin C, and a full serving of veggies. The pasta is fortified with protein and fiber, while the sweet potato and cauliflower tots are a fun, handheld way to sneak vegetables into your kids diet.

Looking for an easy way to feed your kids healthy and nutritious lunches? Yumble delivers fresh, delicious, fully prepared kids’ meals right to your doorstep. Simply pick the plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble will take care of the rest! No lunchbox meal planning or cooking required!

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