Back to School for Preschoolers: 8 Tips for a Smooth First Week

Back to School for Preschoolers: 8 Tips for a Smooth First Week

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on September 26, 2020 at 8:47 PM

Starting preschool means big changes, which could mean stress for you and your little one. Don’t worry! With a little preparation, you can make that first day of school (and week) smooth sailing for both of you. Here are some tips that will ease the transition back to school for preschoolers (or any school-age kids)!

1. Lock in your routine early

Everyone seems to feel better on some kind of a routine - especially kids. Your family’s routine probably changes a little over the summer, or maybe it goes totally out the window. If you have a child starting preschool, the routine that’s been working at home will need to change when school starts.

To ease the transition, adjust the routine slowly to get ready for back to school for preschoolers. Go to bed a little earlier each night and get up a little earlier. Adjusting your little one’s sleep (and yours) will make a huge difference when that first day comes around.

If you have a busy evening schedule at home already, adjusting that routine to accommodate for things like baths and packing lunch will make things run more smoothly too. Incorporate some easy toddler meal prep into your routine to make packing lunch a breeze!

2. Talk about your preschooler’s first day of school

The best way to prepare for your preschooler’s first day of school is to talk about it! Talk about all of the things they will learn, the new friends they will make, and how much fun they’re going to have. It’s also helpful to read books about school with your child.

3. Make back to school shopping for preschoolers fun

There’s a little shopping needed for back to school for preschoolers, so why not include your child? Picking out some supplies like fun-colored folders, a cute backpack, and a cool lunch box will help them feel ready and excited for the new year.

4. Fuel your child with healthy foods

In addition to sleep and a solid routine, proper nutrition goes a long way for kids. Familiarizing yourself with preschool nutrition guidelines is the best way to plan healthy toddler meal ideas for breakfast and lunch. Some of these guidelines set by the USDA include:

  • Focusing on whole fruits and a variety of veggies
  • Choosing whole grains like whole wheat bread and pasta over refined grains
  • Offering a variety of protein
  • Limiting sugar

These simple guidelines will help your child feel full energized, full all day, and ready to learn. When in doubt, you can lean on a kid’s meal delivery service for help. That way you can send a healthy but exciting meal for your preschooler, like Chicken Mac N’ Cheese!

5. Get your preschooler familiar with their school

Take advantage of any “back to school” or “meet the teacher” preschooler events. If your child has a chance to see the school and meet the teacher beforehand, the first day of school won’t be as overwhelming.

6. Help them get comfortable being away from you

A preschooler’s first day of school means separation from home. For many families, that’s the biggest stressor for back to school for preschoolers. You can make this part a lot less scary for preschoolers with plenty of social events and playdates.

7. Get your little one excited to learn

Preschoolers probably don’t know what to expect from school, but you can show them at home! Playing “school” at home is the best way to teach them about what school is all about. That way, when your preschooler’s first day of school rolls around, they’ll already know simple things like to raise their hand and how to sit quietly for story time.

8. Build their confidence with simple skills

Preschool brings a lot of independence. You can give your child a head start by practicing some simple skills at home. Let your preschooler practice picking out outfits, packing their backpack and even packing their lunch! You can make packing lunch even easier if you keep your fridge stocked with easy healthy meals for kids school lunches like a Pizza Pocket or Classic Cheese Ravioli.

Looking for more healthy meals for back to school for preschoolers? Yumble delivers fresh, delicious, fully prepared kids' meals right to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about preparing lunch for school every day. Simply pick the plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble will take care of the rest! No hot oven or stove required!

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