8 Tips to Refresh Your Routine That All Families Need to Know

8 Tips to Refresh Your Routine That All Families Need to Know

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on April 29, 2019 at 02:42 PM

Spring is notorious for motivating us to refresh our homes. But what about our family routine? Establishing a routine alleviates stress, helps with sleep patterns, and boosts overall health. However, it’s also beneficial to change our routines every now and then. If your family has fallen into a rut of doing the same exact thing every day, here are 8 ways to refresh your family routine that you can start today. Look out: these changes might even feel better than a clean home.

1. Establishing a Routine to Meet Your Goals

Is there a new hobby you or your kids are interested in trying? Do you want to start exercising or eating healthier? Would you like to start budgeting? Whatever goal you have had in mind, establishing a routine will help you achieve it.

Adjust your family routine little by little to allow time to start working toward these goals. Add a 10 minute walk to your morning routine if your goal is to exercise. Maybe you want to eat dinner as a family more often. Or, maybe you want to establish a routine to read every night. Changing your routine to meet your goals will make these alterations achievable and worthwhile.

2. Change Your Morning Routines

If your morning routine is so consistent that you could do it blindfolded, it might be time for change. Challenge yourself to get up just a few minutes earlier to allow for exercise, meditation, or to simply allow time in your morning routine to eat breakfast. This small change in your morning routine will leave you feeling refreshed as you start your day.

3. Add Outdoor Time to Your Family Routine

Now that the weather is improving, start to factor some time outdoors into your parenting routine. Spending time outdoors gives kids a chance to burn off some energy. Also, a recent study out of the University of Michigan found that spending at least 20 minutes outside each day can significantly decrease stress hormones, which will leave everyone feeling calm and refreshed.

If time allows, take a walk outside each morning or evening, and make a habit to visit the park on weekends. If your evenings are busy, your family routine could include eating dinner outside.

4. Change Your Route

Whether you’re driving to work, daycare, the gym, or grocery store, changing your route will change your daily sights. Taking an alternative path may lead you to find new shops, restaurants, or even less traffic (which is refreshing in itself).

5. Rearrange Your Living Space

Believe it or not, changing the layout of your living space can consequently change your family routine. There’s no need to buy new furniture – simply rearrange the pieces you already have.

Similarly, you can rearrange where certain items are located to refresh your routine. For example, moving spices closer to your stove will simplify your cooking routine. Additionally, organizing school supplies may save time on daily routines for kids.

6. Add Chores to a Daily Routine for Kids

Recruit the whole family to help with chores. Adding this into your parenting routine is especially easy to do on weekends and in the summer, when schedules are free of homework and school-related activities. Divvying work around the house will help kids learn responsibility while allowing more space in your own routine.

7. Switch Up Your Menu

It’s easy for the family dinner menu to become a boring cycle. Establishing daily routines for kids’ meals is important, but it’s just as important to vary the menu when you can. Spring is a great time to incorporate seasonal produce, for example. If you’re still stuck, consider establishing a routine brainstorm session with your family to plan meals each week.

8. Meal Prep and Save Time in Your Family Routine

If you find yourself scrambling night after night to make everyone’s lunch for the following day, add meal prep to your family routine. Instead of making lunch each evening, factor in some time on Saturday or Sunday to prepare the most time-consuming lunch components. This parenting routine might include washing and chopping veggies, cooking meat to use in salads, or making sandwiches.

Meal prep can help with your morning routine, too. Make a large batch of oatmeal or breakfast casserole during the weekend that can be quickly reheated on school days.

Remember, Yumble meals don’t require any prep at all. If you want to change your family’s menu and save time in your family routine, check out some of our favorites (like the Bowl of Yays or Chicken Pops).

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