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Healthy Meals for Kids

There is no denying that kids love snacks. This is especially true as they’re growing and their small tummies need more frequent meals. It’s important that parents understand how to choose healthy snacks for kids that provide the nutrition needed for their rapidly developing minds and bodies. However, it’s also important that healthy, kid-friendly snacks be easy to prepare and take on-the-go.

Our mission is to make mealtime stress-free for parents, while providing healthy meals for kids that they’ll love. What that means is nutritious meals delivered straight to your door, with customizable features and fun activities that make the entire Yumble experience fun for kids and convenient for parents.

How to make fruits and veggies irrestiable to your kids

10 Ideas for Making Fruits and Veggies Irresistible to Your Kids

Persuading kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be a lengthy process. In fact, it can take as many as 15 attempts to get kids to accept a new food. Parents can help make these foods more appealing to even the pickiest eater by involving their kids, and by serving fruits and veggies to kids in a way that is so fun, they won’t be able to resist. Here are 10 ideas on how to get kids to eat vegetables and fruits to get you started.

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How to build strong bones without milk

A Guide to Help Build Strong Bones that Goes Beyond Drinking Milk

Got milk? This question was often asked in advertisements featuring celebrities sport-ing milk mustaches. What they should have been asking is: Are you cool with calcium?

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strategies to help with breakfast for kids

Actionable Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Breakfast in the Morning

Many experts call breakfast the most important meal of the day, but some children would rather just skip it. However, breakfast has several benefits for kids. Studies like this one suggest that kids who eat breakfast habitually perform better in school and may have fewer behavior issues.

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Kids Lunch Box Ideas for Vegan Kids

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas Every Kid Can Love

A plant-based diet provides a long list of health benefits. Even if your family isn’t vegan, adding some vegan options to your child’s lunch box is a great way to increase nutrition and avoid food allergens, if needed.

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What Breakfast Cereal is Made of

What's Your Kids' Favorite Breakfast Cereal Really Made Of?

Mornings can be rushed and chaotic, leaving little to no time to prepare breakfast. A popular breakfast food for kids is cereal because it is one of the easiest to prepare. Many parents think of it as a healthy option, too. But is your kid’s breakfast cereal as healthy as you think? Let’s deep dive into what your kids’ favorite breakfast cereal is really made of.

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We were founded by a busy mom so we know how challenging it can be to get real, nutritious food on the table every day for today’s busy families. Not to mention trying to please picky eaters! Yumble is here to take the stress out of providing easy and healthy meals for kids, and it starts here on our blog by educating and inspiring parents just like you. So, read on to realize just how easy it can be to make eating fun and healthy for your kids and sign-up below if you’re ready to end meal-time stress forever!

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