4th of July Party Games for the Whole Family

4th of July Party Games for the Whole Family

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on June 11, 2019 at 12:58 PM

The fun on 4th of July doesn’t have to start with the fireworks. Try these 4th of July activities for the whole family and have a great party from start to finish. These family party games are inexpensive and easy to execute. Your guests will have a blast and there is no doubt that they will feel patriotic!

Decorate Uncle Sam’s Hat

This 4th of July party game will keep the kids busy – plus they’ll have a fun hat to take home when they’re done. Set up a table with top hats and plenty of art supplies for decorating. Include things like red, white and blue paint, stars, ribbon, kid-safe scissors and glue.

Click here for more kid-friendly 4th of July art activities.

Host A 4th of July Scavenger Hunt Game

Play this twist on a classic family party game with patriotic items like flags, patriotic hats, and anything red, white or blue. Hide items around the house and yard and print off a list of clues for where to find them. The first party guest to find all of the hidden items wins this 4th of July game.

Start a Kickball Game for a 4th of July Party

Kickball is a classic and fun party game for kids that belongs at every summer cookout. Grab a ball, setup some bases and divide your party guests into two teams. Then, you’re set to play! Be sure to fuel up after this 4th of July activity with some Protein Poppers as a healthy party food for kids and adults.

If you need a refresher on kickball rules (really?), click here.

Get a Family Water Balloon Fight Going

Beat the heat at your holiday cookout with a water balloon fight. This 4th of July game for the family is great for anyone who wants to participate – kids or adults! Use red, white, and blue water balloons to turn this game into a truly patriotic 4th of July party game.

Capture the Red, White, and Blue Flag

To play the classic version of this family party game, one team must find and capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own team’s territory before being tagged. Any player tag must go to jail, only to be released by another team mate. Make this a 4th of July activity by switching the flag to an American flag.

Relay Races Can End Up Being a Funny Party Game

Let’s race! Fill one bucket for each relay team with sand and place some American flags in each bucket. Each runner must race to the bucket, grab a flag, and bring it back to their team. The first team to return all of the flags wins this funny party game.

4th of July Sidewalk Chalk Coloring Contest

Keep the little ones busy at your holiday cookout with a fun party game for kids involving coloring. Provide plenty of sidewalk chalk and designate a space for kids to draw. Ask them to draw something patriotic, and get everyone to participate in this 4th of July activity by having guests vote on the best work of art at the end of the party.

Don’t forget plenty of snacks for your party guests to munch on between 4th of July activities. This includes your little guests! Bring Yumble to the kids’ table and serve favorites like Classic Chicken Nuggets or Turkey Cheddar Pinwheels for those growling tummies after all of the fun party games for kids.

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