10 Spring Lunch Ideas for Kids You Can Prep Ahead of Time

10 Spring Lunch Ideas for Kids You Can Prep Ahead of Time

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on April 18, 2019 at 11:41 AM

So, you’ve been on the same meal rotation all winter long. Now that it’s spring, you (and your kids) are ready for some fresh meal ideas. The problem is, you’re just as busy as you’ve been all year.

We’ve experienced the magic of meal prep when it comes to getting quick family meals on the table, and we want to share. Here are some spring meal ideas for kids that will not only spice up your menu, but also save you time.

Pinwheels are a great spring snack for kids

Use a whole wheat tortilla, lunch meat, lettuce, and tomatoes to make a wrap. Then, slice the assembled wrap into small pinwheels. Try serving with a dipping sauce to make it even more fun.

To serve pinwheels as part of a spring meal for kids, simply add a fruit and veggie as sides. We serve our Turkey Cheddar Pinwheel (a fan favorite!) with edamame, apricots, and honey mustard for dipping.

A spring Cobb salad is a veggie-filled meal for kids

Prepping a spring meal for kids such as Cobb salad is easy, and everyone in your family can customize their salad toppings.

Hard-boiled eggs, bacon, and chicken can all be cooked ahead of time and serve double duty in other spring meals and snacks for kids. When it comes to serving your Cobb salad, save even more time by cutting up some of our antibiotic-free and hormone-free Chicken Nuggets instead of cooking your own meat. Chop veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers ahead of time as well, and this healthy spring meal for kids can be ready in minutes.

Make chicken tacos the star of a spring family taco night

The only preparation that goes into this spring meal for kids is cooking chicken. Or, skip that step altogether and use a rotisserie chicken or – again – our Chicken Nuggets. When it’s time to eat, serve your chicken on small tortillas topped with your family’s favorite taco accompaniments, like shredded lettuce, tomato, avocado, and cheese.

If your kids enjoy tacos, they will devour our Chicken Enchiladas. They are healthy and wholesome, but just as flavorful as what you would find in a restaurant. Best of all, they don’t require any prep time!

Serve a protein-packed tuna salad as a spring snack for kids

Tuna salad is a great spring meal or snack for kids. Tuna is a good source of high-quality protein, healthy fats, and vitamin D. Serve on a croissant for lunch, or with crackers for an easy kids spring snack. If your kids don’t love celery or onion, try this kid-friendly tuna salad.

Lettuce wraps use veggies in place of carbs for a healthier spring meal

The filling for this spring meal for kids can be cooked ahead of time, so the only thing left to do is wrap it in lettuce. Use ground chicken or turkey to make a flavorful and protein-packed lunch.

Veggie tots complete a healthy and easy spring meal for kids

Use up your leftover veggies to make a spring snack for kids. Veggie tots are easy to prepare and can be stored in the freezer. Keep a variety in your freezer using these recipes and they’ll be ready to go the next time you’re in a pinch.

Homemade chicken tenders are a lightened-up option for spring

Save money and time, and stay in control of ingredients by making your own chicken tenders. You will thank yourself next time you need a quick meal for kids in spring if you bake some of these to keep in the freezer.

If baking your own chicken tenders sounds like a hassle, our Chicken Pops make a wonderful spring meal for kids. These 100% antibiotic and hormone free chicken pops are a healthy alternative to frozen chicken nuggets that also happen to be fun to eat and quick to serve up.

Hummus with veggies is a spring snack for kids requiring no cooking

Hummus is a filling and healthy dip that tastes great with a lot of veggies. Slice up some carrot sticks, celery, or bell pepper and serve with hummus for an easy, fun, and colorful spring snack for kids.

Muffins can be stowed in the freezer then thawed as needed

Muffins are a great spring snack for kids. They’re freezer-friendly, so you can bake them in bulk and store them for later. We recommend using whole-wheat flour and adding shredded or blended spinach, carrots, or zucchini to your muffin batter. This will help to add some extra fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Mac and Cheese is a spring meal that all kids can love

Mac and cheese stores well, which means you can prepare this spring meal for kids ahead of time, and kick your feet up later. To create a well-rounded meal, mix in some pre-cooked chicken sausage and peas (which happen to be one of our favorite spring veggies). Easy peasy.

Our Mac and Trees has the ooey gooey texture kids love, and is made from wholesome all-natural cheese and pasta fortified with protein and fiber. The side of tasty parmesan broccoli makes this a well-rounded spring meal for kids that they’ll recognize and enjoy.

Looking for an easy way to feed your kids nutritious meals through spring and beyond? Yumble delivers fresh, delicious, fully prepared spring and other seasonal meals and snacks for kids right to your doorstep. Simply pick the plan that works best for your family, choose your weekly meals, and Yumble will take care of the rest! No cooking required!

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