10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Posted by Yumble Team | Posted on August 28, 2020 at 11:59 AM

Finally! The longest summer break (ever) is over! Pack your children’s bags and get ready for the back-to-school morning routine.

But what about back to school lunches? The first few days of school can be overwhelming and packing a new lunch box every day can be daunting. Let us take that burden away from you. Try our list of the top 10 tasty, exciting, and healthy lunch box ideas for kids.

1. Mix Up Two All-Time Favorites in a Bun and Omelet

Try a fusion of two lunch box classics - bun and omelet. Fill the omelet with healthy and hearty vegetables like cherry tomatoes and spinach. If you’re making a back to school lunch for a picky eater, use a dressing your kid likes to make it even more flavorful.

2. Vegetarian Bean Burrito

Making healthy meals for picky eaters is no joke. Try this cheesy bean burrito filled with kidney and black beans. Wrapped inside a whole-wheat burrito, this tasty lunch box idea is enough to give your kids their daily supply of fiber, protein, iron, folate, and healthy antioxidants.

3. Colorful and Super Delicious Hummus Salad Wrap

Try this extremely simple yet highly nutritious hummus salad wrap. Hummus gives this wrap a creamy texture and the vegetable blend gives it the crunch and packs it with nutrients. Throw in any vegetables that your kid likes to tailor it to your picky eater!

4. Use the Leftover Pasta

Got leftover pasta from last night’s dinner? Turn it into a nutritious lunch box for your kids by adding some diced peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and topping it with feta cheese.

5. Turkey Sandwich with Hummus and peppers

Use whole-wheat bread and throw in turkey slices with hummus as the spread. Make it colorful with red, green, and yellow peppers. This is a super easy back to school lunch for picky eaters.

6. Try the Classic Mac n’ Cheese

A classic vegetarian family meal inspired by the old-school favorites. This can be made healthier when the cheese is derived from organic and gluten-free cauliflower.

7. Tired of sandwiches and wraps? Try an Omelet and Turkey Pinwheel

Looking for a mix of exciting and healthy foods for a kid’s lunch box? Your little one will surely adore this recipe.

Make an omelet with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and spinach. Next, cut it into pinwheels. Instead of using a burrito to wrap the omelet, use cold-cut turkey slices. This is a protein-dense healthy lunch box idea that will keep your kid going for the rest of their school time.

8. Keep it simple - Chicken Vegetable/Fruit Salad

Keep it simple, colorful, and nutritious with this lunchbox idea! Mix shredded chicken breast with cheese curls, grapes, apples, beans, and top it up with a bit of a ranch dressing. You can replace the ingredients with any other ingredients of your picky eater’s liking.

9. ‘ABCDE’ Lunchbox

Apple, berries, carrots, dip, and hard-boiled eggs. Simple!

10. Fuse Pizza and Bagel

Fuse two all-time favorites and pack them into one lunch. This recipe blends these two warm and hearty foods into one delicious lunchbox idea. Additionally, try a combination recipe of hot and cold items by adding in a mix of vegetables like corn and beans.

When you have too much on your mind, meal-prepping for your kid’s lunchbox can get mind-boggling. Alternatively, you can try a trusted kid's meal delivery service. These services save you time and give plenty of healthy lunchbox selections to choose from.

Your kid’s lunchbox is the single most crucial meal of the day. Try to feed them the best!

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