Dinner ideas for those that don't like to cook kids' dinners

10 Easy Family Dinner Ideas if You Don't Like to Cook (Or Are Just Too Busy!)

Posted by The Yumble Team | Posted on March 31, 2019 at 11:52 PM

So, you’re having another busy week with no time (or motivation) to cook dinner. We’ve all been there. Usually it means resorting to fast food or the same meals week after week. If you’re looking for some new, quick, and easy family dinner menu ideas, here are 10 that we love.

1. Chili is an Easy to Make Dinner on Busy Weeknights

You don’t have to chop veggies and measure spices to make a chili that your family will love. Use a recipe like this one with simple ingredients for a good, easy dinner that’s also wholesome and filling. Then, just dump everything in a pot and go kick your feet up while it simmers.

Believe it or not, we can make this easy family dinner idea even easier. Our Chili Chili Bang Bang is ready to heat and serve within minutes. This hearty and flavorful chili is an easy dinner idea for kids (and adults) that not only has tons of fresh veggies and beans, but also provides a healthy serving of protein, fiber, and iron.

2. Mac and Cheese: A Classic but Easy Family Dinner Idea

Macaroni and Cheese isn’t just an easy dinner for kids; it can be a filling and healthy dinner for the whole family. Simply mix in some steamed broccoli or top the noodles with grilled chicken or pulled pork, and this quick and easy family dinner is served.

Speaking of macaroni and cheese, our Mac and Trees with parmesan broccoli is a lifesaver on busy nights. Our pasta is fortified with protein and fiber, then tossed with gooey, all-natural cheeses and milk. Don’t miss out on this easy family dinner menu idea!

3. Mix Up The Family Dinner Menu Ideas for Pizza Night

Leaning on pizza night as an easy family dinner idea doesn’t mean you have to order out. Recruit your family to help you assemble personal pizzas. Or, transform frozen pizza into a good, easy dinner by adding veggie toppings and serving a tossed salad on the side.

If you need a healthy pizza option with no time to spare, simply serve our Veggie Pizza Stacker as an easy dinner for kids. Little ones love this classic cheese pizza on a grilled, naan-style bread. If you’re trying to incorporate more veggies, we’ve got you covered with a side of edamame and veggie ranch for dipping.

4. Make A Good, Easy Dinner with Tacos

Tacos are a great easy family dinner menu idea for any night of the week. We recommend recruiting the help of a slow cooker for taco night. Cook some chicken breast with a jar of salsa and some taco seasoning during the day, and simply shred when it’s time for dinner. Serve this chicken on corn or whole-wheat tortillas, in a burrito bowl, or on a salad to complete this easy-to-make dinner.

5. Serve a Quick and Easy Breakfast for Family Dinner

Breakfast for dinner (AKA “brinner”) is one of our favorite easy family dinner ideas. Scramble some eggs with veggies and cheese, and then serve with whole-grain toast or hash browns. Or, prepare a breakfast casserole the night before that you can simply throw in the oven for a good, easy dinner.

6. Salad is the Perfect Easy Family Dinner Idea

With the right toppings, salad can make a perfectly filling family dinner that is also super quick and easy. Just cook some chicken, steak, or shrimp and add it to a pre-made salad kit. Cooked pasta makes another great addition to salad. Or try a twist on a BLT in the form of a salad for a quick and easy dinner that kids are also sure to love.

7. Dish Up Some Easy-to-Make Pasta for Dinner

Pasta is one of the easiest and most versatile family dinner menu ideas out there. Simply cook your favorite pasta and top with traditional marinara sauce or add lean ground beef or turkey to add protein.

Add some nutrition to this quick and easy family meal by adding steamed broccoli or roasted tomatoes. You could also serve a quick salad as a side for an easy serving of veggies. If time is an issue, or if you’re bored with your routine pasta dish, give our Bowl of Yays a try. This hearty Bolognese served over tender, protein-rich rotini is made with antibiotic-free and hormone-free beef and fresh tomatoes for a healthy and easy family dinner idea that your kids will love.

8. Grilled Sandwiches Are an Easy Dinner Idea for Kids

Turn up the heat on your favorite sandwich to serve a quick and easy family dinner. Transform a typical deli meat and cheese sandwich into a satisfying panini by lightly buttering the outer bread and cooking on a pan over medium-high heat. Or, take grilled cheese up a notch and add tomato and bacon. Grilling a nut butter and jelly sandwich is another delicious and easy dinner idea for kids. Dinner is served after just a couple of minutes on each side!

9. Stir Fry Comes Together Quickly and Easily for Family Dinner

Stir fry might sound intimidating, but it’s actually a good, easy family dinner idea. Start with some cubed chicken. Once that is cooked through, add any combination of veggies that your family loves. Tip: use a bag of fresh or frozen mixed vegetables to eliminate some prep time. After a few minutes, you’re ready to add sauce and serve over rice or noodles.

Protein, veggies, and an easy family dinner in less than 20 minutes? We’ll call that a win! If you need a recipe for inspiration, try this one.

10. Easy Sheet Pan Meals Are a Favorite Good Dinner for Kids

It doesn’t get much easier than this family dinner menu idea. A sheet pan meal cooks the entire meal on – that’s right – one pan. Simply throw your favorite protein and some veggies on a sheet pan, season, and cook. If you need some recipe ideas, try this chicken sheet pan meal, and this steak option.

These easy family dinner ideas should help make cooking on even the busiest of weeknights quick and delicious. Any one of these easy-to-make dinners is versatile and can be adapted to suit your family’s needs perfectly!

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