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There is no denying that kids love snacks. This is especially true as they’re growing and their small tummies need more frequent meals. It’s important that parents understand how to choose healthy snacks for kids that provide the nutrition needed for their rapidly developing minds and bodies. However, it’s also important that healthy, kid-friendly snacks be easy to prepare and take on-the-go.

Our mission is to make mealtime stress-free for parents, while providing healthy meals for kids that they’ll love. What that means is nutritious meals delivered straight to your door, with customizable features and fun activities that make the entire Yumble experience fun for kids and convenient for parents.

What should your preschooler be eating?

What Should Your Preschooler Be Eating? With Examples!

Packing your preschooler’s lunch can be time-consuming — and confusing. What should they be eating every day to make sure they are getting enough nutrients to help their growing body? Read on to learn more!

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The Best Superfood for Toddlers

The Best Superfoods for Your 1-3 Year-Old

Superfoods: It’s a term used to describe a nutrient-rich food that offers a plethora of health benefits. And what better way to create a balanced diet for your kids than to make sure these “super” foods are incorporated into daily meals for your kids.

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Strategies for cooking when there's no time at home

The Best Strategies to Help You Cook Dinner When There's No Time to Spare

Packed schedules and meals on the fly can become the norm as your family grows. It seems like there is no way around it. However, there are ways to provide your family with healthy meals, even when you’re pressed for time.

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10 ideas for making frutis and veggies irresistible to your kids

10 Ideas for Making Fruits & Veggies Irresistible to Your Kids

Persuading kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be a lengthy process. In fact, it can take as many as 15 attempts to get kids to accept a new food.

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Making meal time with kids less stressful thanks to Yumble

6 Ways to Make Family Meal Time Stress-Free

However, family meal time can easily become stressful after a busy day filled with work, school, and activities. Try some of the following strategies to avoid meal time stress and help your family reap the benefits of eating together.

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How to make picky eating kids adventurous diners

How to Turn Your Picky Eater into an Adventurous Diner

Picky eating is a common problem among parents of young children. Persuading a fussy eater to eat new foods can seem impossible, and often causes stress at meal time. No matter how old your children are, it’s not too late to improve his or her eating habits! Follow these tips to learn how to get a picky eater to eat more adventurously.

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How to throw a healthy kids birthday party

Throw a Healthy and Happy Kids’ Party - Yes, It’s Possible!

Parents often send their kids to a birthday party with the expectation that they will return on a sugar high. We want our kids to enjoy parties and special occasions, so we let them indulge on sweets and other unhealthy party food. However, those treats can add up.

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Choosing healthy snacks for kids


There is no denying that kids love snacks. This is especially true as they’re growing and their small tummies need more frequent meals. It’s important that parents understand how to choose healthy snacks for kids that provide the nutrition needed for their rapidly developing bodies. However, it’s also important that healthy, kid-friendly snacks be easy to prepare and take on-the-go.

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How to make fruits and vegetables irresistible to your kids


Parents usually don’t have a hard time getting their kids to eat cookies, cupcakes, candy and chips. Why? Because they are yummy. But how can we get kids to feel the same way about fruits and vegetables?

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what are chicken nuggets made of

What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?

More than ever, parents are questioning what is in the food they are feeding their kids. When it comes to asking what chicken nuggets are made of, many people are left scratching their heads. Parents know the importance of fueling little bodies with healthy and nutritious foods, but do chicken nuggets fall into that category?

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Easy meals that are not sandwiches


Sandwiches are the ultimate go-to for lunch, especially for parents feeding their children. They’re quick, easy, and extremely versatile. Children can eat them without making a mess too, which is big plus. However, no matter how many ways we can switch up the ingredients in a sandwich, we want to make sure we also offer other healthy lunch options for our kids.

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How to plan a balanced diet for kids


Parents want to feed their kids the right foods so that they grow up healthy and strong. But it’s not always easy to create a balanced diet. With busy schedules, parents need to be mindful of what their kids are eating. “Eating right doesn’t have to be complicated,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Robin Foroutan, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Here are some ways parents can better plan a balanced diet for their kids.

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explaining why toddlers are picky eaters


For most parents, toddlerhood can feel like an interminable era of “no.” Whether they are refusing to wear a jacket in subzero temperatures, brush their teeth, or eat their dinner, toddlers are often saying “no” and pushing the limits of their parents’ patience. When it comes to food, this can be particularly concerning as the more toddlers refuse (or throw, or spit out) a variety of foods, the more parents worry that their toddlers are not getting the nutrition they need. Here at Yumble, we may not be able to get your toddler to put on their jacket when it’s freezing (but believe us that we’ve been there) but we can provide some advice and reassurance when it comes to understanding why toddlers are picky eaters.

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Weekday dinner menu ideas with kids


“Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail” is something I remind myself of all the time. Not only does planning and preparing help me to stay organized at work and at home, but it also allows me to feel calmer and organized. So in order to avoid Sunday night blues, or Monday morning anxiety about a hectic week, I always dedicate an hour each Sunday to planning the week - from meals, to playdates, to doctor appointments. And so my weekday dinner menu ideas for kids is obviously an important part of that planning.

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The hidden sugars in kids foods


We’ve long been told (and probably tell our kids) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Though nutrition researchers are still trying to figure out if it’s the most important we do know that breakfast helps start your day out right. Studies have shown that eating breakfast helps kids concentrate better in school and perform better on tests. Breakfast is also associated with maintaining weight and keeping blood sugar more stable throughout the day (with regular meals/snacks).

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Wake & Bake: Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

I get so much satisfaction when I send my kids off to school having had a filling and nutritious breakfast. It’s not an easy task though given the chaos and rush of our mornings (I hope I’m not the only one who by 8:30 am is in a deep sweat from chasing my kids to get dressed and has a sore throat from screaming). So coming up with some easy, healthy breakfast ideas for kids was a top priority for me. I wanted to share some of our family favorites so you too can have healthy breakfasts for kids ready to go every day of the week!

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7 Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Kids Meals

7 Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Kids’ Meals

Getting kids to eat vegetables is a task that often leaves parents feeling defeated. If you’re struggling to get your picky eater to eat more variety, try some of these tricks for sneaking more veggies onto your child’s plate.

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5 Kid-Friendly Vegetables for Picky Eaters

5 Kid-Friendly Vegetables for Picky Eaters

Eat your veggies! How many times have you said that at the dinner table? You’re not alone. Getting your picky eater to eat vegetables can be difficult. But remember that it can take them as many as 10 or more tries to decide if they like a new food. So, don’t give up.

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